New communication system for the chemical and petrochemical sectors

Paul Boughton

International safety manufacturer, Dräger, has launched an innovative new communications system – the X-zone Com – enabling users to track gas detection levels from outside the areas being monitored. 

In modern society, fast-paced and on-the-go, mobile monitoring is the next phase in safety communications and coupled with Dräger’s X-zone gas detection instruments, users can stay connected and informed wherever they are within and outside of the plant environment.  

Within all chemical and petrochemical plants, workers often find themselves in confined spaces and hazardous areas, where the danger of a hazardous gas occurring is always present. Connecting gas detection systems to the X-zone Com communications device means data can be transferred wirelessly to mobile devices or control rooms.

The system works by sending all data and alarms to users by email, SMS and a central Cloud application, meaning hazardous area monitoring can be accessed across a wider range of important channels.

Kevin Honner, from Dräger, said: “In all chemical and petrochemical plants, personnel often have to work in large and confined areas. The X-zone gas detection systems offer an interconnected monitoring solution ensuring both visual and acoustic alarm signals are transmitted. Combined with this brand new communications system – the X-zone Com – users can access data wirelessly over the GSM network. It is adaptable to user preferences and can be connected to the device of your choice.”

Time, place and gas concentration levels are the most important data in the event of a gas leak and in an emergency situation, every second counts.

Up to 15 Dräger X-zone units can automatically connect to a wireless alarm-chain, which will accurately and comprehensively monitor large areas. Only one X-zone Com is subsequently required to transmit the data of the entire chain, with all important data, including the exact location of the hazard, being delivered to those responsible, in a matter of seconds.

Due to the extensive storage capability in the cloud, ongoing analysis of the data and trends is also possible. This new communications system offers an holistic solution covering all important measures related to evacuation and protection, as well as the elimination of the problem and quick, efficient and safe resumption of work.