New colour recognition sensors

Jon Lawson

Micro-Epsilon has launched a new range of colour recognition sensors designed for high precision true colour measurement in industrial applications. The sensors feature modern communications interfaces for easier network integration and Industry 4.0 capability.

The new CFO100 and CFO200 true colour sensor is suitable for a wide range of industrial applications including colour sorting tasks in food and beverage processing (e.g. crown caps and labels), inspection of interior parts in the automotive industry, recognition of colour marks in the printing industry, quality control in packaging, cosmetics, medicine and plastic products.
Using a modulated high power white light LED, the CFO100 and CFO200 sensors project a white light spot via optical fibre onto the target surface to be inspected. Part of this light is back-scattered and directed onto a perceptive true colour detector via the same optical fibre. This light is then refracted into long-, medium- and short-wavelength light components (X=long, Y=medium, Z=short).
Grey-scale detection and high colour accuracy are combined with modern communications interfaces (Ethernet and RS232), as well as user-friendly operation and configuration via pushbuttons and a display. A multi-teach function enables up to 256 colours in 6 colour groups (CFO100) and 320 colours in 254 colour groups (CFO200) to be saved, as well as the teaching of reference colours and tolerances. Illumination, averaging and signal amplification are automatically adapted to the current measurement task.
With a robust aluminium housing, the CFO100 and CFO200 operate in temperatures from -10°C to +55°C and is protected to IP65.