New cleaning container is designed to reduce re-contamination

Louise Davis

Today, parts cleaning mostly means fulfilling defined cleanliness specifications. In order to clean as economically as possible, the potential of the cleaning system needs to be fully exploited. This is often prevented by the container. With the Mefo-box system, Metallform has developed a solution.

When designing or optimising a cleaning process, much attention is usually spent on finding the appropriate machine, cleaning mechanics and agent. With this approach, it is frequently forgotten that the costly mechanics such as ultrasonic waves or spray jets as well as the cleaning media can only take their cleaning effect if they reach the parts to be cleaned. This is it what the Mefo-box system with standard cleaning baskets and accessories is designed for.

Thanks to the system’s open structure and its manufacture from stainless steel finished with electrolytic polished surfaces, it ensures that the cleaning mechanics will be at its most efficient. Cleaning media as well as ultrasonic waves and/or spray jets have full access to parts and can take maximum effect. This yields shorter cleaning processes with better results. Additionally, the accessibility of parts and good draining behaviour reduce the drying time required and enable uniformly dry parts – even in bulk material processes. 

The design has no closed edges preventing the formation of dirt traps and residues in the container. As a result, process reliability is increased since re-contamination of parts is largely eliminated. The open basket design also minimises the carry-over of cleaning media, resulting in an extended bath service life and thus improved system availability. Additional benefits are compatibility with standard transport containers, a high stacking frame for safe transport and reliable separation as well as the integrated occupational safety due to completely welded joints without sharp edges, corners or wire ends.




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