New cleaner system for mining applications

Jon Lawson

A new secondary conveyor belt cleaner has been engineered specifically for challenging applications where traditional designs fail to deliver the necessary performance or wear life. The CleanScrape Secondary Cleaner (CS2) from Martin Engineering is designed for conditions where continuous production is a high priority or cleaner service is difficult, including corrosive or high-temperature environments. 

Typically requiring just one re-tensioning during its lifespan, the low maintenance requirements help reduce cost of ownership in a wide range of industries, such as mining, coal processing, quarrying, cement production, scrap and other bulk material handling operations.  

The unique all-stainless steel design incorporates a matrix of specially-engineered carbide tips and is tensioned lightly to prevent damage to the belt or splices. Despite extremely low contact pressure between belt and cleaner, it has been shown to effectively remove potential carryback material that was not dislodged by a primary cleaner. The carbide cleaning surfaces deliver excellent performance, and the unit’s light touch helps protect against belt wear.

The CS2 can be used with any primary cleaner, but was engineered to be paired with the company’s original CleanScrape Primary Cleaner (CS1). When used together, they effectively remove carryback, helping to prevent fugitive material and the associated cleanup. The system represents a new concept that delivers superior cleaning and up to 4x the service life of conventional designs, with half the maintenance. The combination has been shown to remove as much as 99 per cent of the carryback in most belt cleaning applications.  

The CleanScrape Secondary Cleaner is suitable for conveyor speeds up to 5 m/s (900 fpm) on belts with vulcanised splices, and up to 3 m/s (600 fpm) on belts with mechanical splices. With a stainless steel tensioner, it can withstand temperatures as high as 260°C (500°F). Available for any size belt in full belt widths or 150 mm (6 in) less than belt width, the unit can be specified with Martin’s unique Safe-To-Service technology - giving maintenance personnel the ability to work on the assembly safely from outside the chute wall or conveyor structure - without breaking the safety plane.  


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