New centrifuge concept unveiled

Louise Smyth

Flottweg will be presenting the new Tricanter Z3E at IFAT 2016. This rounds out the company's product line, offering an attractive centrifuge concept for smaller industrial plants as well. Despite its smaller size, this modular machine has all the features and customisation options the "big dogs" do. The Z3E is flexible, maintenance-friendly and powerful. Together with another special feature – the super deep pond – Flottweg's new Z3E will definitely get your attention at IFAT 2016.

Top flexibility and quality are the watchwords for the Tricanter Z3E and can solve any separation problem that might be "dogging" you. Depending on the application, you can select either a normal or a super deep pond. With a super deep pond, the Z3E is even better at processing sludges and pastes. But with the normal pond, it's no "dog" either. Its strengths shine in the processing of grainy sediments, with its outstanding filtration characteristics. The Z3E is a particularly good fit in areas such as foods, pharmaceuticals and the chemical industry.

The advantages of the Z3E make it the user's best friend:

-    Low energy needs due to use of the super deep pond
-    Maintenance-friendly design ensures minimum downtime
-    Complete wear protection
-    Use of high-quality bearings
-    Robust construction
-    An optimised bowl and scroll geometry for optimum product compression and energy recovery
-    Gas-tight, hygienic version available
-    The Z3E can also be used in potentially explosive atmospheres
-    For long service life, Flottweg fabricates all product-wetted parts from high-quality stainless steel (rust- and acid-resistant)
-    Adjustable impeller for optimum separation results, even when the product properties in the feed change
-    Flottweg Touch Control makes operation easy and control user-friendly
-    The Flottweg Recuvane System permits energy savings of about 20%.

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