New cargo tank coating

Louise Smyth

Hempel has launched a high performance, chemical resistant, two component epoxy coating – Hempadur 15600 – to the offshore industry.

Designed specifically for Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) cargo tank protection, Hempadur 15600 is International Maritime Organisation (IMO) Performance Standard for Protective Coatings (PSPC) cargo oil tank compliant. It provides excellent resistance to continuous immersion in hydrocarbons, including crude oil up to 90˚C.

Maurice Steijger, Group Offshore Manager, Hempel A/S says, "It offers the application benefits of a pure epoxy coating with the corrosion protection and temperature resistance of an epoxy phenolic coating. It is particularly suitable for FPSO contractors and owners specifying coatings for their cargo and slop tanks. It is mechanically robust and can be applied in just two coats to comfortably achieve the required dry film thickness (DFT) for most cargo oil tank specifications. This enhanced performance is due to Hempel's high cross-link density technology which gives added chemical and corrosion resistance and a hard, glossy surface for easy cleaning."

Additionally, this high temperature resistance ensures excellent performance at temperatures where conventional pure and modified epoxy universal primers can display limited resistance.

To assist with the necessary tank inspections, Hempadur 15600 is available in multiple shades including light colours which are highly resilient to oil staining, permitting easier inspection and identification of defects following immersion service.


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