New capabilities in PLM software

8th September 2017

Posted By Paul Boughton

Product lifecycle management (PLM) expert Design Rule has launched 3dxtools, aset of tools that dramatically increase the capabilities of existing PLM software.

3dxtools reduce the need to build PLM functionality from scratch, meaning companies in the aerospace, automotive and manufacturing industry can save vast amounts of time and money.

3dxtools are a series of components built to increase efficiency and add new capabilities that standard PLM software doesn't offer.

The tools can be combined and configured to reduce the need for repetitive processes such as connecting with third party applications, creating complementary file formats or generating reports – reducing long-term labour intensive actions to a simple touch of a button.

"We have put together this technology suite based on our experience of what customers need PLM software for," said Michael Welti, Development Manager at Design Rule.  "3dxtools cover off capabilities that out-of-the-box PLM software doesn't offer. We want to spread the message that building one-off functionalities within PLM can be labour intensive, but it doesn't need to be that way.

"With 3dxtools 80% of the work is already done, leaving just 20 per cent for configuration. This allows for cost-efficient running of large scale projects, whether this is in aerospace, automotive or any manufacturing application. As we like to say, companies can get it right first time, on time."

Design Rule is available to custom build business processes and create non-standard, bespoke functions that meet specific needs of large scale projects.


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