New camera for on and off-board testing

Paul Boughton

The newest member of the PCO Dimax family, the CS car safety testing camera, is specifically designed for universal applications onboard, off-board and sled testing scenarios.

The PCO high-speed image quality is now incorporated in an ultra-compact camera body. The new ruggedised and lightweight camera body will withstand 150G for 11ms. It can take 2,000 frames per second allowing super slow motion videos in Full HD. A variety of resolutions and frame rates are user selectable via software. A multitude of mounting points and threads provides the opportunity to affix the camera in all test set-ups. In addition the camera includes a quick-change lens adapter system for C, F and EF mount. For ease of operation HD-SDI video output and an automated lens control are provided.

A special feature of the PCO Dimax family is the inbuilt automatic image calibration - no session referencing by the user is necessary. PCO cameras provide excellent image quality with crisp images and brilliant colours, even in highly stressed onboard and sled testing environments. The CS camera also offers additional features, such as secured synchronisation modes, making the CS a powerful multi-use tool for diverse applications within the field of car safety testing.

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