New book demonstrates the scope of thermal imaging in automation

Paul Boughton

FLIR thermal imaging cameras for automation enable manufacturers to validate and increase product quality and throughput, minimise waste and improve profitability. These fixed mounted models are sufficiently discrete to be easily accommodated into any production line allowing complete, uncomplicated and highly cost effective monitoring systems to be created with third party control soft

The wide application scope of the FLIR Systems A-Series cameras is celebrated in a newly published e-book. It demonstrates how the technology can work in the most hostile environments with no need for additional lighting, providing round-the-clock temperature measurement, even in the presence of dust, steam and smoke.

Fire prevention is the perfect application for fixed mounted thermal imaging. Its use in coal plants, natural gas production and solid waste bunkers is detailed in the book. The technology is also ideal for monitoring the status of gas flares and the health of refractories. Warehouse and asset protection is another growth area where FLIR cameras are used to detect hotspots that could lead to fire.

Process quality is also an important area of application. Examples in the book include plywood manufacture and inspection of composite panels at FIAT.

Additionally, thermal imaging is proving popular for checking product performance such as electronic resistors and car windscreen heating elements.  And the food industry is enthusiastically adopting the technology for a variety of applications.

They span the life of the food product from its preparation and transportation to its storage and sale.

Entitled Thermal imaging for automation/process control – Discover a wide variety of applications; this publication is available as a PDF download or pre-order in hard copy format from:

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FLIR is based in Breda, The Netherlands.

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