New belts for energy-efficient and environmentally friendly drives

Paul Boughton

The ContiTech Power Transmission Group is expanding its product range for energy-efficient and environmentally friendly drives for industrial applications. This includes new high-performance timing belts with a carbon tensile member for demanding applications. The range of eco-friendly drive belts marketed under the BlueConcept label has also been expanded. The label stands for environmentally compatible and health-friendly industrial applications.

In the BlueConcept family, the ContiTech Power Transmission Group is now offering an environmentally friendly V-ribbed belt. The CONTI-V MULTIRIB PIONEER is a low-emission product free of allergens. It is a suitable drive solution for the white goods industry.

The CONTI-V FO PIONEER raw-edge high-performance V-belt has also been added to the BlueConcept group. It, too, is a low-emissions product. Thanks to its EPDM base (synthetic rubber), it is also extremely temperature-resistant. It allows sustainable drive solutions to be realised throughout the machine and plant engineering industry.

Says Regina Arning, head of the Industry segment at ContiTech Power Transmission Group. "The range expansion brings us a significant step closer to our goal of replacing the majority of all conventional belts with ecologically optimised belts."

ContiTech achieved a first milestone with the development of the CONTI-V PIONEER wrapped V-belt. It is composed mainly of renewable raw materials and is electrically conductive even though made without carbon black. Also available is a reduced-emissions timing belt, the CONTI SYNCHROBELT PIONEER for use in the food and consumer goods industry.

The ContiTech Power Transmission Group now also offers high-performance timing belts with carbon tensile member. These transmit high outputs extremely reliably while at the same time warding off abrasion and wear.

"The new belt makes narrower designs possible, making possible more efficient drive systems," says Regina Arning.

The core of the belt is the new carbon tensile member. Under the same load, it stretches considerably less than a tensile member made of aramid. It thus has a better pitch precision under high tensile load.

The ContiTech Power Transmission Group has expanded its range with polyurethane high-performance timing belts and rubber high-performance timing belts with carbon tensile member.

The CONTI SYNCHROCHAIN CARBON made of polyurethane is particularly resistant to media such as oil, greases, and gasoline. The rubber high-performance timing belt CONTI SYNCHROFORCE EXTREME CARBON is a solution for applications with high temperatures.

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