New app for specifying cable protection

Paul Boughton

Specifying cable protection is now possible wherever you are thanks to Flexicon’s new find-a-conduit app.

Tim Creedon at Flexicon says: “Specifying the correct conduit system for cable protection depends on the hazards faced by the system. Often this assessment is most easily done on site, so having a mobile tool that enables users to explore different solutions on their phone or tablet is a big benefit.”

Accessible through the company’s website, the app prompts the user to answer a number of simple questions to ascertain what hazards the cabling is likely to face. 

It then details the specification based on these answers and provides different conduit solutions. Users can then view the details and select their chosen product and quantity, before specifying the fittings suggested by the app to complete the system.

The resulting conduit system can then be forwarded to Flexicon as an enquiry or to create a bill of materials through the company's website.

Continues Creedon: “To ensure that cabling is well protected from whatever hazards it may face, we have 52 different conduit systems available. We recognise that this can make selection complicated, so this app really helps because it prompts the user to answer simple questions and suggests the most appropriate system. 

“As an app it can also be used anywhere, making it faster and more convenient for our customers to specify the correct system. And because the website and the app are responsive, both will optimise according to the equipment being used, whether desktop PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.”