New air/gas flow meters

Louise Davis

FCI’s MT100 Series air/gas flow meters combine state-of-art electronics technology with application-proven precision flow sensors in a rugged package designed for the most demanding plant operating environments.  

They provide temperature-compensated direct mass flow measurement of air and gases for precise, repeatable measurement with low maintenance requirements in large diameter pipes, stacks and rectangular duct installations.

In electric power generation, petrochemical refineries and other heavy industries, large diameter pipes and ducts present unique challenges to achieve successful flow meter installation and performance. Hot, moist and or dirty gases along with lack of pipe straight-run, distorted flow profiles, low flow rates and wide turndowns rates are common performance challenges for many flow metering technologies. 

FCI’s thermal mass MT100 Series air/gas meters are available with two to eight flow rate sensing points to overcome these issues. Multiple sensors are inserted at various depths within a pipe or duct and their outputs are multiplexed and averaged to produce the flow rate within the process line. 
The MT100 meter’s sensors can be installed either across a mast or can be inserted at multiple points around the process line in a single plane.  

In large stack applications, this means that the instrument installation can be done at a single platform location to achieve major cost savings over other technologies such as ultrasonic meters, which require installing transducers at precise offset angles.


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