New air-duster technology

Paul Boughton

Electro-chemicals specialist, Electrolube’s first completely safe and environmentally-friendly active carbon-based air duster is the Airduster 'Zero'.

This product removes contamination removal from electronic equipment and is the first active, carbon-based air duster that offers complete safety for both the user and the environment.

The word 'Zero' in the product name is not used lightly; Airduster 'Zero' features ’zero’ flammability, ‘zero’ toxicity, ‘zero’ odour and ‘zero’ risk of combustion. It also contributes ‘zero’ to the world's rising CO2 levels and presents ‘zero’ limitations with regard to can orientation.

Electrolube's Airduster 'Zero' is designed for the safe removal of dust and airborne contamination from very delicate or inaccessible areas of electrical and electronic equipment. It is an entirely eco-friendly, odourless and non-flammable product that delivers a consistent blast of gas with variable control. Airduster 'Zero' is also invertible, which is particularly useful for very intricate equipment or items, which cannot be moved for cleaning or maintenance.

With the phasing out of HFCs and greater pressure on VOC reduction, Electrolube’s Airduster 'Zero' provides a highly effective alternative for conventional air duster applications that release global warming gases into the environment.

The active carbon formula utilises the in-built properties of an activated carbon absorbent and its propensity for gas storage. As an alternative to traditional aerosol propellants such as hydrocarbons and HFCs the completely non toxic Ariduster 'Zero' offers a number of environmental and health and safety advantages, such as no reduction in indoor air quality.

Also new for Electrolube two protective and decorative polyurethane resins (UR5634 and UR5635) that will be of particular interest to LED lighting manufacturers, and AFA aromatic-free acrylic conformal coating, formulated without the use of hazardous aromatic solvents such as toluene and xylene. 

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