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Additive Flow, a leading developer of advanced optimisation software, has successfully delivered its beta programme with leading organisations such as Manufacturing Technology Centre, and has launched the first release of its Formflow optimisation software with key patterns and customers.With materials and manufacturing advancements enabling the production of multi-functional parts coupled to varying properties based on local engineering requirements, Formflow is able to manage these properties throughout the digital workflow.  

 Additive Flow pairs multi-physics with multi-objective algorithms and material science to deliver manufacturable solutions.  Formflow software balances performance and cost saving with achieving and maintaining required material properties in their proper place.

The software has a number of standout features, inclduing accessible interface for powerful multi objective optimisation, empowering users to switch optimisation goals and constraints; and algorithms that allocate multiple material properties (via lattices, build-parameters, and materials) simultaneously with topology.

Andrew Triantaphyllou, Technology Manager, Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) at The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) states that, “The multi-material property optimisation gives us new potential capability to explore for applications meeting competing objectives. The software has more metrics than we are used to seeing, and has the ability to combine them in an accessible way. It can lower the barrier to working with multi-objective optimisations, opening industry to new arenas. We have enjoyed being part of Additive Flow’s beta programme. We look forward to continuing to work with the team at Additive Flow, to explore the promising capabilities of their software and we will continue to investigate these as they come online.”

Tradeoffs between different objectives have long been a challenge of engineers and commercial decision makers - how to meet competing objectives and constraints within teams and business units? Impossible tradeoffs between sustainability and costs, or product performance and manufacturing lead times - often create headaches and challenges in organisations large and small, as engineers have to address competing goals. This leads to many iterations, revisions, and redesigns based on the different choices of inputs (safety factors, materials, geometry constraints) and their implications on shapes, procurement, and profitability - which bounce back and forth between teams - increasing costs, while limiting innovation. Amid this complexity, considerations such as environmental impact can be missed.


Alexander Pluke, CEO of Additive Flow says, “The engineers and businesses we’ve spoken with want to do better when it comes to harnessing innovation and sustainability, but are too often caught between their time limits, cost considerations and performance needs. Engineers have been calling out for a tool that can help them address these challenges, and we have had great feedback from our users on the new frontiers now available to them with Formflow’s capability”.

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