New additions to screw compressor range

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The new RSDKM(F)-PRO multiple unit in the power range from 6.0 to 22.0 kW

Renner screw compressors with asymmetric profile are designed for uncompromising industrial use. High efficiency, long service life, and simple, economical maintenance was the most important criteria in the development. Furthermore, emphasis was placed on an efficient compressed air supply, low space requirement and easily accessible maintenance parts.

The new RSDKM(F)-PRO multiple unit is individually configurable – any two compressors in the power range from 3.0 to 11.0 kW from the Renner standard programme can be combined with various options as a multiple unit as required. The series is also particularly space-saving thanks to a tandem construction. Another advantage regarding maintenance friendliness is the sliding refrigeration dryer.

BAFA (German Federal Office of Economic Affairs and Export Control) subsidizes installations with up to 40%.

The series also has increased operational reliability: The second compressor secures a partial/basic supply in the event of an error or maintenance of a compressor.

As an option, the compressors can be preprogrammed with a Base Load Change Over control using the individually configurable premium control Rennertronic Plus Touch. The Rennerlogic and Rennertronic Touch controls are alternatively available for simple applications.

And the most important in conclusion: The RSDKM(F)-PRO saves costs – in this case installation costs. Both compressors are connected to the air receiver and the refrigeration dryer by the manufacturer, so there is only one connection to the compressed air network. In addition, the system can be moved quickly and easily with a forklift and set up in the smallest of spaces.

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