New actuators and indicators

Louise Smyth

EAO has designed its Series 18 range of tactile, compact actuators and indicators specifically for use in the latest generation of laboratory and measuring equipment, medical equipment, audio & video applications (such as mixing desks and mobile camera control systems), lighting and stage control systems.

Series 18 devices deliver excellent tactile feedback and illumination and depending on model, occupy just 9 x 9mm  or 14 x 14mm of the panel face. Available in flush or raised variants the devices are suitable for 12 or 24 VDC low current applications. The connection terminals of the devices can be mechanically connected or soldered.
EAO Series 18 switches are built with gold-plated nickel contacts for reliable operation and are available with normally open or normally closed snap-action contacts. The operational state of the switch is apparent at all times from the position of the lens. When a maintained-action switch is actuated, the lens remains in the depressed position to provide the operator with precise tactile feedback.
The matt-finished, non-reflecting flat lenses can be supplied transparent and in a wide variety of colours and sizes, and in round, square and rectangular formats. 

The lenses can be customised with the addition of text or symbols.