New 650V power modules

Jon Lawson

Vincotech has announced the launch of new neutral-point-clamped power modules. The flowNPC 0 line features the latest IGBT technologies in a combination engineered to optimise cost and efficiency for three-phase solar and UPS applications.

Rated for 650V/100A, these power modules are able to deliver switching frequencies up to 50 kHz even without SiC technology. Their chipset has been optimised to deliver the best performance at real power, yet they retain high reactive power capability to offer high power density. This enables engineers to craft lighter, more compact designs for three-phase solar and UPS applications. The ability of real multiple chip sourcing improves component supply security.
Both modules are available with press-fit and solder pins, without adding any non-recurring engineering costs to the bottom line. Samples of the ultra-efficient flowNPC 0 modules may be sourced on demand from our usual channels.