New 500g grease cartridges

Jon Lawson

Exol Lubricants has introduced four new 500g grease cartridges to its range of products, designed to allow complete use of lubricating grease without leakage.

The new screwfit grease cartridges are suitable for use with SR and similar grease guns, cover a wide range of applications, and include Lithium XL Complex HD 2.5 and Libra Moly XL EP2.

Lithium XL Complex HD 2.5 is a modern high-performance product suitable for both industrial and automotive applications. The grease can be used in various types of bearing applications including heavy load conditions and wet environments.

Libra Moly XL EP2 offers good mechanical stability, load carrying capacity and corrosion protection, making it suitable for heavily loaded bearings as well as wet environments.



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