New 3-port USB extension card for IoT router

Jon Lawson

eWON, the Belgian manufacturer of industrial routers and designer of the Talk2M cloud-based remote access service, has introduced a new extension card for its eWON Flexy range of industrial IoT (Internet of Things) routers.

The new Flexy USB is a 3-port USB extension card that provides OEMs and systems integrators with an additional method of connecting to their industrial devices. Many small automation devices have seen their programming port, which in the past operated through serial connectivity, be replaced by USB connectivity. The Flexy 3-port USB card is a 2.0 version at full speed that can pilot up to 10 USB connections.

Available in the UK from Industrial Data Communication and M2M specialist M.A.C. Solutions (UK) LIMITED, the eWON Flexy is a flexible, modular, industrial machine-to-machine (M2M) VPN router. This modular concept is based on standard base units, which can be extended by modular expansion cards, thus offering users an almost unlimited number of connection permutations. The current range of eWON Flexy extension cards includes: a dual serial port card; an Ethernet WAN card; a Cellular 3G+ HSUPA card; an 802.11b,g,n WiFi/WLAN client card; a PSTN dial up modem V92/34/32/22bis; and the 3-port USB card.