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Reliable Satellite Communication Networks

With three decades of experience, ND SatCom has become the premier supplier of innovative satellite communication systems to support customers with critical operations anywhere in the world. Customers in more than 130 countries have chosen ND SatCom to deliver, deploy and sustain secure integrated communications solutions. The company´s products and solutions are operating in more than 200 transnational networks. ND SatCom is represented by regional sales and service offices inEurope, USA, Middle East and China. From governments to broadcasters to oil & gas corporations, ND SatCom connects thousands of users daily to communicate securely, effectively and quickly and do business over satellite.

ND SatCom´s new satellite communications platform SKYWAN5G fulfills the requirements of drilling, exploration and transport in an ideal way: Small private networks become cost effective and the communication is fully in the enterprise’s sphere. Single hopconnectivity between exploration sites, drilling sites, pipeline stations,labs and management sites or headquarters allow best voice quality for phone,excellent real-time quality for data, fully automatic IP-routing, and best video quality for surveillance and analysis – at acceptable investment and operational costs. SKYWAN 5G ensures connectivity, performance, quality of service anda degree of reliability that was never reached before. All that is needed is ONE type of hardware and you are prepared for all challenges ahead.

SKYWAN 5G enables agile network connectivity without double hops. Time critical data is transmitted insingle-hop directly from their origin to their destination site; avoiding double hops and extra delays. Bandwidth is dynamically allocated as required,which brings substantial savings on satellite capacity cost since the overall network capacity can be reduced. At the same time the users get the feeling that their traffic is transmitted faster than using the mainstream solutions.The savings can, of course, be yet further increased through the integration of all types of sites in one network: off-shore platforms, ships, fixed sites,land-mobile and transportable sites and moving vehicles can all communicate in one single project- or company specific network. The network can then be seamlessly integrated with the IT environment of the company, and still provide controlled interfaces to public networks. Point-to-point, point-to-multipoint,and multipoint-to-point connectivity, including automatic routing of IP trafficmake the SKYWAN 5G the platform ofchoice for companies who have the need for a certain type of connectivity today, but may be needing a different one in the future.

A SKYWAN 5G network guarantees highest availability due to unique redundancy and diversity concepts. Handling and maintenance of your dedicated- or virtual private network,which could also be managed by the service provider of your choice, is as easy as it gets. And best of all, you are completely independent of terrestrial networks and uncontrollable routes.

For more information on SKYWAN 5G please visit: www.skywan5G.com


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