Multi rotary switch

Jon Lawson

Foremost Electronics announces the availability of the Cyber One multi rotary switch from leading HMI manufacturer ELMA. Cyber One is a splash proof, versatile, force feed-back encoder with push button function and RGB backlit illumination.

This product is suitable for many applications requiring real-time process feed-back. The firmware offers various pre-set ‘feels’, including 8 to 64 detents, artificial end-stop, spring return, vibration and many more.

Cyber One’s electro magnetically generated output torque can also be directly (real-time) controlled in the range of 0 to 6Ncm.

The Cyber One multi rotary switch is a very versatile, active force feed-back encoder for inter-active HMI controls in applications including medical (respirators, imaging, monitors, laboratory equipment), cockpit (commercial vehicles, farming, construction), industrial (machine tools, process controls) and entertainment (lighting and audio-broadcast).

The Cyber One may be supplied with customer specific pre-set feels and individual control knobs.

Key features of the ELMA Cyber One Multi Rotary Switch include pre-set feels or direct, real-time torque control, 8 to 64 detents, end-stop, spring effect, vibration feels and more, integral push button with RGB backlit illumination, 384 CPR (clocks per revolution) encoder output, UART control input, 24VDC supply, 1.9 A peak current consumption, Ø 36 x 40mm body size (behind front panel), operating temperature range -20 to +70°C, splash proof to IP54