Mould flow analysis software

Louise Smyth

Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions recently added mould flow analysis software to help with the design of custom-moulded lead screw and linear motion components. Solid Works Plastic Professional is an engineering tool used by Haydon Kerk’s experienced tooling engineers to help speed up the design process and offer customised solutions to fit customer’s application needs.

The use of mould flow analysis helps engineers run critical calculations to expedite the design of custom part and mould features, such as gate location, parting line location, design geometry, material flow, fibre alignment, vent locations, weld-line analysis, and cooling-line locations.   All of these design considerations affect custom parts in the following areas:

* Ease in part strength

* Reduction in part voids/improved fill

* Reduction in cooling/cycle times

* Reduction in material waste

* Reduction in part warpage

Reduction in mould design/manufacturing time

Haydon Kerk’s experience with the use of more than 60 moulded materials, including the Kerkite composites, PEEK and PPS base materials, combined with the capabilities of this new software, allows engineers to reduce the time required for the design and build process for custom moulds. The combination of on-site tooling and moulding machines also reduces the time to production for custom parts for existing Haydon Kerk polymers or customer-specified materials. 

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