Motors that power record-breaking robot

News Editor

Teknic’s ClearPath servos power the Dominator, a Guinness World Record setting robot, made by Mark Rober. In just over 24 hours, the dominator placed over 100,000 dominos to create a Super Mario Bros. mural. Teknic’s all-in-one servos were used to power the omnidirectional wheels to place 300 dominos at a time, with an accuracy of a couple millimetres.

The ClearPath servos feature a high performance servo drive that enables automatic compensation for inertial loads (including direct drive wheels such as those in AGVs such as the Dominator), velocity accuracy of under 0.005%, anti-vibration algorithms, an easy auto-tune, and more.

These are easy to use all-in-one servos: control with step and direction or initiate pre-programmed moves with digital I/O using Arduinos and other controllers; or program on any Linux or Windows PC with Teknic’s rich C++ or C# library.

They are rugged and reliable. Brushless DC servo motors with oversized bearings, Class H windings (180ºC), fully sintered rare-earth magnets, and extensive testing during production assures high quality and lasting reliability.