More than just a mixer

Paul Boughton

Dissolving and homogenising of the ingredients in pharmaceutical products face a large range of challenges.


Raw materials preparation, weighing, mixing, dissolving, and diluting might seem simple but are in fact being rather intricate. These steps are obviously crucial to the manufacture of pharmaceutical products. Not only accuracy in dosing and the use of completely cleanable systems are extremely important factors.


Depending on the ingredients – readily soluble or not, very expensive, maybe hazardous – further questions will have to be taken into consideration.


Customised gentle mixing systems for sensitive products for active ingredients or cell cultures are required as well as for powerful homogenisers for viscous slurries.


Closed systems with magnetic driven agitators may be used in a loop with inline static mixers for hazardous media. With temperature as one of the prevalent critical aspects, an effective heating and cooling system is part of most mixing skids.


Depending on the clients requirements M+W Process Industries GmbH offers design, construction and commissioning of modular as well as of customised solutions for temperature controlled stirring systems. Since the highest international standards for safety and product quality are required for the manufacture of pharmaceutical products construction and operation of all process systems is based on EU GMP and FDA standards.


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M+W Process Industries GmbH is based Stuttgart, Germany.


Fig. 1. 3D model of a complex temperature controlled stirring system, consisting of several skids for the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API).