Monitoring system for enclosures

Paul Boughton

QUINTEX has launched a new 'Overpressure System 2.0' for control panels, enclosures, cabinets and walk-in containers. This new monitoring system by QUINTEX GmbH can be used in control panels, enclosures, cabinets or walk-in containers that are used in potentially explosive atmospheres (Ex-hazardous areas).

By setting a new industry standard, the system works by creating an overpressure in the enclosure preventing any surrounding explosive atmosphere from entering. The internal pressure is controlled with a unique pressure switch unit, QUINGUARD, where any air pressure leakage is automatically compensated. Control panels, enclosures, cabinets, etc, along with their fittings used in Ex-zones, must be approved to standards in accordance with ATEX inspections and certifications.

The main advantage of the 'Overpressure System 2.0' is that all components in such housings or switching cabinets can be 'off-the-shelf' standard materials, such as contactors, relays, fuses, transformers etc., with regulation components up to HMI's (Human Machine Interfaces) or other computer units.

The 'Overpressure System 2.0' consists of a certified Panel SPZ series, a QUINGUARD pressure switch unit, an approved gas detector and a pneumatic air pressure assembly. For high switching loads above 5 amps you need to use our certified range of Contactors (SC series). These contactors can be fitted directly in the panels or enclosures like all other standard components.

Different ratings can be selected up to a switching capacity of 540KW/1000A. The SPZ range of enclosures are supplied fully fitted with the monitoring system and offered as 'plug and play' assemblies. Different sized enclosures are available to suit your requirements. It is possible to mount instruments or components directly on the front panel or door. It is important to realise the intended dissipated power likely to occur in the control panel or enclosure beforehand and to make due allowance for any future expansions with a view to selecting the correct size. Once this is known, selection of the appropriate size is easy.

The customer fits all the components and materials he requires on the removable mounting plates, assembles the wiring loom with terminations, connects the compressed air instrument hoses and the input voltage; now the system is ready for operation.

The 'Overpressure System 2.0' is an ideal space-saving solution, because installed internally, in restricted areas where space is limited or where required to erect between existing assembled cabinet suites, using our full range of SPZ cabinets and panels. In addition to our standard range of SPZ cabinets, other custom sizes are available to order. This new method of air pressure monitoring has many major advantages over traditional ways of monitoring by eliminating the need for initial complex calculations, long waiting periods and preliminary compressed air purging saving you both time and money on all these factors.