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Paul Boughton

Modules provide the solution for a safe and comfortable offshore living and working environment. Sarah Gray reports.

Advancements in offshore accommodation facilities have seen a significant improvement in the standard of features in offshore living and working facilities and it is increasingly important for offshore employers to provide a comfortable, quality living environment for staff.

The Ferguson Group designs and manufactures in-house a range of accommodation and workspace solutions for the offshore sector. Its accommodation and auxiliary modules can be stacked up to four high to create a compact and comfortable living environment encompassing a range of functionalities including accommodation, recreational rooms, gym, sauna, mess and galley, medical facilities through to offices and laboratories. Its most recent addition is a range of 6 metre accommodation modules designed with an HVAC system specified to meet the climatic requirements of the Asia Pacific and Middle Eastern markets.

The new model is designed to provide a comfortable living space for up to four personnel in each unit, which features a newly-designed bunk arrangement, desk and workspace, new veneer and fittings, en-suite shower room and high ambient air conditioning with individual thermostatic control.

The Ferguson Group's newly designed 6m accommodation module offers a high level of comfort whilst safeguarding personnel working offshore. The accommodation modules are manufactured in-house to full DNV 2.7-/1/EN 12079 standards and ISO certification, ensuring a high level of product accreditation for each and every unit.

The Ferguson Group has also developed a range of 3m and 6m workshops, created specifically for a Zone 2 work environment, and currently on offer from the Group's bases in UK, Norway, UAE, Singapore and Australia. These modules are accredited to DNV 2.7-1 and EN12079 and offer a functional working environment for offshore personnel, providing operators with the confidence that the workshop units promote an efficient working environment.

The new 3m and 6m workshop modules are CSC plated and fitted with Zone 2 electrics and lighting with workbench, vice and caged shelving as standard and include the added safety feature of Durbar anti-slip flooring. The 6m workshop features a manual internal lifting crane, which can extend to an approximate length of 1m outside the module, and a Zone 2 air conditioning system is available as an optional extra.

Ferguson Group's range of bespoke accommodation and workspace modules has been specifically designed to make life offshore as comfortable and safe as possible. Modules incorporate a number of features including offices, laboratories, test cabins, coffee shops and tea rooms. The group's ancillary modules also contain recreation rooms, gymnasiums, locker rooms, galley/mess rooms, laundry rooms and medic suites to satisfy the requirements of an offshore team.

As health and safety standards are adapted in line with the fast pace of the global offshore industry, the Ferguson Group invests in each of its product lines so that it remains as one of the leading providers of accommodation and workspace modules.

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Sarah Gray is with Ferguson Group Ltd, Kintore, Aberdeenshire, UK.

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