Modular flight conveyor screw for bulk handling

Paul Boughton

Exventys Inc, a provider of rubber and plastic engineering solutions, has launched a new customisable, modular flight conveyor screw.

These 'snap-together' screw modules with standardised shapes can be assembled in many novel and creative ways.

CEO Samir Osmani said: “Screw feeder constructors can alleviate steel constraints by designing and building easy to repair efficient equipment.  The end-user only has to care for its facility management.”

Exventys features four standard dimensions made of techno polymers simply stacked on a metal shaft. This patented concept, under the name Archimedys, is just part of solutions provided to bulk handling equipment suppliers looking for highly resistant products.

“This innovation helps in reducing operation costs and increases efficiency,” said Mr Osmani, “but it’s an evolutionary concept. Each meeting with a new user opens surprising new challenges."

Exventys Inc provides many products and services in bulk handling, agriculture and industrial coaches sector. The Plastic division mainly produces parts for grapes picking machines. The Rubber division provides waterproofing seal solutions for railway and industrial coaches and its engineering department studies products with state of the art design software.

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