Modular connectors for harsh environments

Paul Boughton

A major concern in applications where harsh environmental and rough handling conditions are present is the exposure to external forces, vibrations and shocks that damage contacts used for power, data and signal transmission. In industries such as machinery, oil & gas and power generation, there is certainly a need for more robust and reliable connectors to ensure servicing and maintenance is reduced to the minimum, saving long-term costs and time.

Multi-Contact’s modular connector line, CombiTac, allows individual combination of different contact types in one compact connector, combining power and signal, thermo-couple, coaxial, fibre optics, fluid and compressed air connectors in a single frame or housing according to the user’s needs.

In applications where heavy slide-in motor control centre modules are regularly inserted and removed from switchboards, there is a high risk of damaging contacts because of excessive forces and connection misalignment. In addition, low-quality individual contacts are not designed to withstand such rough handling. In such cases, and due to the float mounting feature of CombiTac, damage to contacts and connection misalignment is easily avoided.

Because of the robust design and MC Multilam technology used, the CombiTac contacts are characterised by their low contact resistance, ability to achieve high mating cycles, high resistance to vibrations and shocks This demonstrates that CombiTac is an ideal modular connector for harsh environments and rough handling conditions.

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