Modular connector system expands

Jon Lawson

Swiss connector specialist Multi-Contact has added a 10 Gbit module to the CombiTac modular connector system for CAT6A high-speed Ethernet communication.

CombiTac combines power up to 300A, signal, thermocouple, coaxial, fibre optic, pneumatic and hydraulic connections in a single modular connector system, and is the ideal choice for applications that require all-in-one, space-saving modular connectors that guarantee long life performance under the most demanding mechanical and environmental conditions.

The addition of the 10 Gbit module meets high-speed CAT6A Ethernet needs in industrial applications such as data communication from machines/equipment to manufacturing control networks, machine-to-machine communications (M2M), and real-time data sharing between facilities.

As part of the CombiTac product family, the 10 Gbit module not only achieves 100,000 mating cycles, it also guarantees stable high-quality performance from day one and beyond its expected lifecycle. The 10 Gbit module meets railway standard requirements of EN 45545-1, is vibration resistant according to IEC 60512-6-4, and meets UL 1977 requirements up to 30 Vrms.

CombiTac product manager Martin Yiapanas explains: “Adding a 10 Gbit module to the CombiTac portfolio is not just about meeting high-speed CAT6A Ethernet requirements in automation or process control environments. We need to be aware that we are dealing with harsh environments in industries where equipment is becoming increasingly powerful, smarter and modular, and where more robust and reliable connector systems are needed to meet the needs for better process time efficiency. Our 10 Gbit module, along with the rest of the CombiTac products, is all about constant and stable long-life performance, even    under the most demanding mechanical and environmental conditions.”

He adds: “As a solution provider, we offer our customers worldwide A-Z assistance in designing their own 100% customised CombiTac connector, adapted to their exact technical and dimensional needs, and supplied with or without cable pre-assembly.”

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