Modern motor replaces imperial-spec units

Jon Lawson

When a manufacturer of precision motion actuators needed a brushed DC ServoDisc pancake motor that was no longer available from its original manufacturer, Printed Motor Works was asked to produce a drop-in replacement with an identical specification. It needed to have the same electrical performance and mechanical interfaces, with the same form, fit and function in every aspect.

The original motor was the Kollmorgen JR16, which has a power output of just over 1 kW at 3000 rpm with around 3.5 Nm torque. The shaft, keyway, front register and mounting holes also had to have the same specification and tolerances, based in imperial dimensions throughout. A second version fitted with a brake was also required, again with identical

PMW, founded in 1963 as the original European manufacturer of printed armature motors, is now the last original manufacturer of pancake motors that is still focused on this technology.

PMW's range of GR motors have a very similar internal construction to Kollmorgen's discontinued JR range, and PMW were able to design and manufacture the first motor with brake for evaluation in around eight weeks.


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