Mobile water treatment solutions

Paul Boughton

When renewable energy specialist, Energy Power Resources (EPR) needed to increase water treatment capacity at its Elean power station near Ely in Cambridgeshire, it examined a wide range of options. Ultimately it found that the most convenient and cost-effective solution was rental of mobile water treatment solutions from ELGA Process Water.

With a capacity of 38 MW, Elean is the largest straw burning power station in the world and is an important asset in the EPR portfolio. Currently, work is being carried out on the site, which means that, from time to time, the boiler has to be taken out of service and drained. To minimise costly plant downtime the boiler must be refilled quickly, which means an additional supply of high specification treated make up water is required.

EPR intends to improve its current water treatment plant to cover this requirement but, to minimise operational risk, the company decided to use the MoFi rental service operated by ELGA Process Water.

This service supplies skid-mounted mobile ion exchange plant that can treat flows from 8 to 35 m3/hr and that deliver treated water to 0.1 µS/cm. The units can be handled with a standard forklift truck and have convenient Camlock connections which means that they can be put into service quickly and easily using flexible hoses. Regenerated off-site, MoFI units use no hazardous chemicals and produce no wastewater.

“For us, this is an economical and convenient solution,” said Bernel Alberga, Operations Team Leader at Elean Power Station. “We had excellent service from ELGA Process Water, and the MoFi units proved both easy to handle and easy to connect with our boiler plant. The units are compact and cost effective, and they work efficiently and effectively. In addition, the rental charges are reasonable.”

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