Mobile solution for soft rock and mineral mining

Paul Boughton

The soft rock and mineral mining is done in multiple stages. At the mine the rock is blasted and the rock mass is transported with big dumpers to primary and secondary screening and crushing stations where the material is stored to wait for processing.

From the screening and crushing stations the material journey continues to power plants, different storage areas, classification sites or for further transportation towards harbours where the material is yet again stored to wait. This process undeniably results waste material at screening and crushing stations, unwanted costs at waste disposal and storing, unnecessary fuel consumption and simply waste of time.

The process has for decades been this way: the material is transported to the machines. 

After years of careful studies and feedback from customers ALLU has now introduced this mobile solution also for soft rock and mineral mining sector.

“We strongly believe, that this method will be the future and many soft rock and mineral mining sectors will benefit from this mobile solution”, states the Business Line Manager Mr Fredrik Dromberg who has been involved in developing this new attachment from the beginning. 

“We’ve been selling the ALLU Screener Crushers for years for coal mining sector in Asia, where the normal sized construction wheel loaders and excavators are widely used as carriers at the mines. The word-of-mouth caught us by surprise though and we started getting inquiries for suitable units for mining excavators and wheel loaders and we had nothing to offer. We started to investigate further,” Mr Dromberg continues.

The investigation resulted the ALLU M Series attachment that processes the material already at the mine. The ready screened and crushed material can be now transported directly from the mine to the power plants or harbour in only two-step process: processing and transporting. The ALLU M Series attachment transforms the carrier (loader or excavator) into a high capacity mobile crusher or screener. The carrier mounted with the M Series attachment crushes the material, separates hard unwanted impurities in the rock mass while loading the dump truck or conveyor system. The material that is considered as waste can now be left to the mine. 

The ALLU M Series attachment only needs fuel from the carrier, no electricity or other source of power is needed.

In mining any operation it is recommended to use an excavator as carrier because of its working speed & reach which results in almost double processing capacity compared to using a wheel loader. In most secondary processing operations, such as material depots, harbours, power plants to mention few, it is recommended to use a wheel loader as carrier because the wheel loader brings ultimate mobility of the equipment on the site and it makes it possible to easily move the processing carrier from site to site.

The ALLU M Series attachment is able to screen and crush material that is between 1 – 4 in Moh scale. The softest material being talc. Good examples are also: oil shale, coal, bauxite, phosphate, lime stone, kaolin, dolomite, gypsum, rock salt, etc.

By applying the correct amount of crushing force the attachment separates, while crushing the soft material, any hard unwanted materials in the rock mass. This separation feature is called dry enrichment.

Oil Shale is a good example of where the dry enrichment feature brings lot of benefits to the mining operation. Oil shale deposits are found in layers together with lime stone which is mainly considered as waste. When processing oil shale with the M Series attachment, one can easily crush the soft oil shale and at the same time separate the harder lime stone in One Step. 

This dry enrichment of the rock mass results in higher energy value of the oil shale and the separated waste rock can be left in the mine. This separation feature brings big environmental benefits to the mining operation because the separated waste rock is never transported out from the mine.

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Video 1: ALLU has been the pioneer and inventor of the bucket type screener crusher attachments.

Video 2: ALLU M series has been specially developed for the soft rock mining sector and mining carriers.


ALLU M-series animation

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