Miniature submersible load cell for tension and compression

Paul Boughton

New from Futek is the model LSB210 Submersible Jr S-Beam load cell for applications where protection from liquids is required. Typical applications include fibre tension measurement, medical bag weighing and automated feedback control systems. The LSB210 S-Beam is a model from Futek's Miniature Sensors line, with a thickness of 6.4mm (0.25inch) and a low-profile height of 19mm (0.75inch). The load cell has a high accuracy with a deflection of 0.13mm (0.005inch) nominal and an operating temperature of -51 to 93 degrees C (-60 to 200 degrees F). This model is optionally available with a USB output.
Futek says its new load cell is capable of servicing numerous applications industry wide where protection from liquids is required. The LSB210 Submersible Miniature S-Beam load cell is available in 1-445N capacities. It also benefits from a nonlinearity starting at 0.1 per cent.
Furthermore, the Jr S Beam load cell can be modified or customised to meet customers' requirements and most capacities are available for 24-hour shipping. Similar to Futek's entire range of load cell, the LSB210 uses metal foil strain gauge technology.
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