Miniature immersion sensor enables fast fluid temperature sensing

Paul Boughton

Vishay Intertechnology Inc’s has introduced a new miniature immersion sensor for fluid temperature sensing from its Vishay BCcomponents Non-Linear Resistor division.

NTCAIMME3 provides a very fast response time of 1.5s

Offering a stainless steel housing for permanent contact with fluids, the Vishay BCcomponents NTCAIMME3 provides a very fast response time of 1.5s, low thermal gradient of <0.02 K/K, and high base temperature accuracy of ± 1.5°C.

The device consists of an NTC thermistor chip mounted in its stainless steel housing with twin PVC-insulated AWG #30 lead wire connections. The sensor features a small tip with a 2.0mm diameter, which allows for fast, accurate temperature sensing with little heat loss through the connecting wires. The device is available with a brass collar for sealed mounting, or without a collar for custom mounting. 

For designers, the NTCAIMME3 provides a fast response to fluid temperature changes in a wide range of applications, including liquid processing equipment, water boilers, chiller systems, water and oil tanks, consumer and industrial appliances, medical fluid circulators, and solar heating systems.

The RoHS-compliant sensor offers resistance at +25°C (R25) of 10kΩ, with tolerance of ±3%, and beta (B25/85) of 3984K, with tolerance of ± 0.5%.The device features maximum power dissipation of 100mW and operates over a temperature range of -25°C to +105 °C.