Mill lining concept now available for ball mills

Paul Boughton

The Metso Megaliner shell liner is now also available for use in ball mill applications.

Today's large mills require quick replacement of linings because of high downtime costs. At the same time the standards are raised on installation safety. Keeping downtime in large mills to a minimum, Megaliner increases worker safety, as the liner is bolted into place from outside the mill, keeping workers out of the liner's drop-zone when performing maintenance.

"With Megaliner, mill availability is boosted by faster liner replacement. Installation is not only faster but easier, as Megaliners(TM) are secured with as few as half the number of attachment points as conventional liners. And with their larger than average size, fewer liners are required", says Tage Möller, Vice President, Mill Lining Solutions, Mining and Construction, Metso.

The rubber/metal composite liner weighs between 30 per cent and 60 per cent less than metallic liners of a similar size. Liner removal is straightforward, with gravity alone generally sufficient to dislodge old liners.

Compared with the AG mill alternative, the profile of Metso's Megaliner(TM) for ball mills is more streamlined, with a larger face angle and lower lifter bars. Lifter bar spacing can be optimized for the best possible grinding performance and longest wear life, thanks to Megaliner's larger size.

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