Metallised film motor run capacitor

Jon Lawson

Components Bureau introduces the JFS series of metallised film capacitors from jb Capacitors, in 25 case and termination styles, for AC motor run applications.

The JFS series is available with a very large number of capacitance values, ranging from 0.5µF to 100µF, allowing designers to maximise motor life by matching the capacitor value with the motor’s characteristics. This avoids uneven motor magnetic fields, which can cause noisy or irregular rotation, and over-heating.

The compact capacitor series is offered in three package formats; the JFS-B~D and JFS-5~9 models have plastic rectangular cases with either wire or solder lug terminations; the JFS-10~21 models have cylindrical plastic cases with wire, solder lug or tab connections and the JFS-22~26, isolated metal cylindrical cases with tabs for use with crimp terminals.  The withstand voltage for the metal case models is 2,200V between case and terminals. J (±5%) and K (±10%) tolerances can be selected for the plastic case capacitors and J (±5%) for the metal case models.

Users have a choice of either 250Vac, 370Vac or 450Vac rated voltages and all JFS series models feature low dissipation factors to minimise temperature rise and high insulation resistance for low leakage currents.  The series is capable of withstanding surges of twice the rated voltage for two seconds, and will operate over a wide -40°C to +85°C temperature range.  The JFS-10~21 models have received UL / cUL certification.