Metal on glass capacitive touch switches

Paul Boughton

Noritake Itron has introduced custom designed metallised touch switches whereby customers can create their own patterns with a high-gloss metallic finish which is hard wearing and without risk of degradation due to humidity or temperature extremes.

The photo lithographic etching process results in a precise pattern as small as 10um width on the reverse side of the glass. The metallisation prevents non-illuminated areas from light bleed or viewing angle deviation as seen in plastic technologies.

Noritake Itron can supply touch panels and complete module solutions with evaluation products available for purchase on the web.

Glass panel thickness ranges from 0.7mm to 4mm and up to 15inch screen diagonal with reverse bonded flexi-circuit termination. A combination of outer touch switches around a TFT screen is then a viable solution.

Modules can incorporate intelligent high-brightness multi-colour LED backlights with the touch control circuit interfacing via a serial link to a host or individual switched outputs which are suitable for relay or direct peripheral control. 

The Touch Switches are available in various finishes including gold, black, white, reflective (mirror) and transparent.

Applications include vending and beverage machines, sanitary-ware, medical, transportation, and food processing equipment.

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