Meeting mining needs

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A US-headquartered technology expert is assisting mining operators in improving efficiencies and hitting performance targets at mines across the globe. Miner Elastomer Products Corporation (MEPC) manufactures high-quality suspension and shovel components for the mining sector. Wheel chocks and conveyor idlers are also a key part of its product portfolio. The firm’s mining products are dependable, durable and cost effective.

The company’s flagship line of EU-Rollers has been certified to meet CEMA 502-2016 standards and fit a wide variety of existing conveyor frameworks.

EU-Rollers use high-quality bearings chosen to meet the requirements of any loading or transporting application. To protect and provide longevity for the bearings, the solution uses he company’s proven bearing cap and seal design. These design features allow the rollers to work in extreme operating conditions, including the wide range of temperatures that can be found at mining sites.

The rollers come in a variety of diameters and shaft sizes as well as different configurations. They can be purchased in three different models (standard, impact and picking idler). Each of these different models has specific properties that will help optimise conveyor applications. The rollers offer the following benefits:

  •   High resistance to wear
  •   Corrosive resistance roller body
  •   Longer bearing life
  •   Lower noise pollution than traditional steel rollers
  •   Shock resistance bearing cover
  •   Eco-friendly
  •   Lighter mass than traditional steel rollers

 Meeting performance goals

MEPC is the only manufacture of TecsPak products and as such, is a key supplier in helping mines meet their performance goals. The company’s TecsPak rear suspensions have been installed on numerous mining trucks since the 1990s and are helping mines become more efficient by reducing maintenance time and costs.

The suspensions use the proprietary TecsPak material and don’t require any gas or oil to maintain the suspension. They have also been successfully deployed on water trucks at many different mines.

MEPC also manufactures shovel components for the mining industry. These are OEM-certified components and they improve performance, reduce downtime and increase shovel output. The shovel components are designed to absorb maximum load capacities while reducing wear and tear on hinges and weldments within the bucket.

The firm’s virtually indestructible wheel chocks for the mining industry can survive an accidental run over and will not cause any damage to truck tyres. They are ergonomically designed with five different sizes to suit a facility’s individual needs. Its smallest chocks can be used on utility vehicles while the larger chocks are designed for haul trucks. MEPC’s chocks are popular within the mining industry due to their design and durability. These chocks are lightweight and user friendly, because each chock has a handle on the back of the chock and wings on the side of the chock. Also, its largest chock only weighs 35lbs. 

Ultimate impact

As can be seen from just a few examples, MEPC specialises in manufacturing products that will help generate more performance and extend the lifecycle of mining equipment. It listens to its customers’ demands and responds by creating advanced, rugged solutions that help mining companies boost their operational efficiencies and hit their performance targets.

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