Meeting the challenge and critical needs of LNG production

Paul Boughton

Pentair Valves & Controls showcased its diverse portfolio of solutions for extreme applications in the oil & gas industry at the World Gas Conference (WGC) 2015 in Paris.

Designed for use in cryogenic applications,the products on show at WGC have been developed to meet the challenging and critical needs of LNG production. To support this industry growth, Pentair offers one of the largest and most complete product portfolios designed for every stage of the LNG process.

At the conference, Pentair will highlight three additions to its product portfolio, including an extension of the Anderson Greenwood Type 9300 series of pilot operated pressure relief valves which offers reduced footprint without comprising flow, as well the introduction of the Vanessa Buttweld Top Entry Body to its Series 30,000 Triple Offset Valves. This valve offers an enhanced design for use in the gas treatment, liquefaction and regasification stages of the LNG chain. Here, where temperatures reach -196°C, the valve can be fully accessed without being removed from the line, allowing for efficient repair work. Growing its portfolio of cryogenic products, Pentair will also present its new cryogenic ball valve under the FCT brand.

“We’re seeing exciting growth opportunities in LNG and understand how the industry, along with critical extraction, transportation and storage challenges, have changed,” says Pieter Kok, industry development manager, oil & gas at Pentair. “By bringing together the broadest product portfolio, application know-how and industry expertise, we offer the most comprehensive solutions for our customers.”

Pentair Oil & Gas Separations designs and manufactures high performance separation products and systems for the capture of particulate, liquid, and soluble contaminants from liquid and gas streams. Pentair’s UltiSep technology was developed more than 25 years ago to address the inherent deficiencies of conventional gas-liquid separators and to remove liquids and aerosols from gas streams. UltiSep flows from the inside-to-the-outside, reducing gas velocity as droplets are being removed.

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