Medical equipment power supplies

Jon Lawson

Power supplies for medical equipment ranging up to 150W typically use an older flyback conversion topology which tends to be inefficient, dissipating a substantial amount of thermal energy into its surrounding environment. This increased heat dissipation affects surrounding components and circuits which may adversely impact the lifetime and reliability of a medical system design.

This heat dissipation introduces thermal management challenges of a system’s critical components and enclosure surfaces for operation within safe and optimal operating levels.

A common solution using forced air introduces a new set of negative side effects like audible noise, short life, pollution and mechanical hazard.

Faced with tighter economical limits, medical power conversion engineers have been trying to tackle these heat challenges while burdened with: increased dielectric integrity requirements; increased creepage and clearance between hazardous and protected areas; operation up to 5000m altitude; defibrillator pulse immunity; enhanced electromagnetic compatibility (EMC); and very low patient leakage current allowance. Today’s medical power supply designs are left with no dimensional margins.

Ongoing advancements in component technologies and research in power conversion topologies and circuit integration have helped Traco Power to achieve industry-leading energy efficiencies and power densities enabling customers to benefit from the best of reliability, efficiency and size.

Achieving ≥90% efficiency under all operating conditions, Traco Power medical grade products satisfy the technical, commercial and quality requirements of today’s medical equipment industry.

With size, weight, and cost reduction combined with high integrity product characteristics Traco Power’s latest medical power solutions are designed to help open new market opportunities far beyond the hospital environment, into care centres, pharmacies, commercial facilities, residential homes and even public areas and facilities.

Traco Power medical grade power solutions are available in both AC/DC and DC/DC solutions, satisfying the latest and greatest in the technical, commercial and quality requirements of today’s medical equipment industry.