Mathcad 15 gains new functions and integration with other tools

Paul Boughton

PTC is releasing Mathcad 15.0, the latest version of the engineering calculation software. Mathcad 15.0 delivers enhanced capabilities to help customers address their most pressing engineering calculation needs and improve the documentation of calculations throughout the product development process.
Mathcad 15.0 includes over 25 new functions, more robust reference libraries and integration with third-party tools, including the latest version of Microsoft Excel. Additionally, the Mathcad 15.0 integration with existing engineering platforms like Pro/Engineer, as well as with PTC's Windchill PDMLink and Windchill Productpoint, enables better management of critical engineering content, making it easier to share and reuse information, leading to standardisation and best practices.
Philip Leitch of PRL Software comments: "These Design of Experiment fitting functions are a great bonus and, now that I have augmented them with my own functions, they will save many hours of work evaluating large sets of data."
Highlights of the enhancements in Mathcad 15.0 include:
* Design of Experiments (DoE) - Over 25 new functions to reduce the time and cost of conducting experiments through DoE by understanding the variable interactions that will influence the experiment.
* Integration to Knovel Math content - Quickly access the full list of Knovel's fully documented Mathcad worksheets from Roark's and Hick's reference works, thereby reducing the time it takes to solve complex mathematical problems.
* Integration with Kornucopia software - Kornucopia, by Bodie Technology, is designed to reduce time and effort spent on analysis by providing functions and templates using Mathcad-based documented workflows, which improves interpretations and value of experimental data and simulation results
* Integration with Truenumbers - Truenumbers, by True Engineering Technology, provides the ability to communicate values across applications and an organisation without any loss of quantity or unit integrity. Results and values can be moved outside Mathcad onto different document types, thereby enabling data to be shared easily.
* Support for latest version of Microsoft Excel - Leverage the following functions and features with Excel: READEXCEL(), WRITEEXCEL(), READFILE, the data import wizard, and the Excel Add-in.
Jake Simpson, the general manager of the Mathcad Business Unit at PTC, comments: "PTC continues to view Mathcad as an important component of its overall product offering and remains committed to delivering the best engineering calculation software to our customers. Mathcad 15.0, with its new Design of Experiments functions and integration with Windchill ProductPoint as well as other tools, enables our customers to easily create complex engineering calculations and communicate those calculations across the organisation, thus helping them achieve a level of standardisation and collaboration within their product development process."
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