Mass spectrometer for fast gas processes

Paul Boughton

Hiden Analytical's new gas analyser - the HPR-20 QIC TMS system - is specifically configured for analysis of fast transient pulses and of rapid compositional changes in gaseous processes. Developed for the researcher, the system is suited to studies of diverse thermally triggered and chemically triggered reactions.

The multi-mode Windows MASsoft Professional software features quantitative analysis and statistical data reduction programs, peak area integration, and the APSI-MS soft ionisation mode to enhance spectral purity. The system includes provision for import of two external signals to enable simultaneous integration of parameters such as temperature and weight with the mass spectrometer data.

Operating with sample pressures from near-atmospheric up to 30 bar, the bench-top mass spectrometer uses a fast digital detection system for minimized signal response times and features the Hiden triple-stage mass filter for optimum sensitivity, species identification and corrosion resistance. Coupling to the process is via a flexible, heated capillary interface of length 0.9m (3ft) with a throughput of just 20mL/minute. Measurement rate is up to 500 data points per second over a seven decade dynamic range, with a compositional change at the sample point recorded in less than 150 milliseconds. Pulse profile resolution (5 per cent to 95 per cent peak height) is just 60 milliseconds.

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