Mass flow technology with PROFINET network

22nd March 2018

Axetris mass flow controllers will soon be available with the PROFINET interface – one of the most well-established Ethernet-based industrial interfaces today. This will allow easy integration of Axetris MFCs in industrial networks for applications such as thin film coating.

Helping utilize technology benefits better

The advantages of Axetris MFCs – with their ultrafast response time (sensor response of 4 ms; MFC settling time of 150 ms) – can be better utilized using an industrial interface such as PROFINET, since transmission speeds of 100 mbps are standard. The MFCs can, for example, be used as the controlling element in process control loops.

Axetris MFCs – if used as the controlling element in a control loop – offer excellent reproducibility, minimizing process drifts and, in case of thin film applications, guaranteeing stable thin film properties.

The unmatched dynamic range (minimum 1000:1) of Axetris MFCs helps OEMs work over a wide range of gas flows – and therefore be flexible in process design, e.g. when a new range of gas flow processes need to be handled using available hardware for running test processes. The easy addressing and start-up of MFCs using an industrial interface such as PROFINET further augments this advantage.

An industrial interface such as PROFINET further offers advantages such as easy commissioning of new devices, and quick start-up times after maintenance events.


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