Manufacture, assembly and testing of centrifuges

Paul Boughton

Centrifuge specialist - UK-based Thomas Broadbent - has established a new workshop facility in the Greater Shanghai Region of Yangzhou, China.

The new venture combines the manufacture, assembly and testing of new centrifuges with a comprehensive service and repair facility, established to provide complete support for all types of centrifuge technology - including machines supplied by a wide range of international suppliers.

The availability of Broadbent design technology and practical hands-on experience, coupled with economies achieved by taking advantage of Chinese labour, should provide an attractive option for a variety of centrifuge operators throughout the Chinese process industries. To maximise cost-saving benefits, the majority of materials are to be sourced in China, but only after extensive testing against Broadbent UK high quality standards. Initially, a number of specialised, high quality components will be supplied from the UK.

The Yangzhou Centrifuge facility is now open for business and has already refurbished its first machines and gearboxes for use in the manufacture of PVC and provided site services for customers processing Calcium Carbonate.

Headed by Dr Weihong Zhao, the new Broadbent China team is maintaining close contact with all the company's existing customers operating in many parts of the Chinese process industries - including manufacturers of PTA for the production of man-made- fibres.

The skills used in the servicing of centrifuges are almost universal and can be easily applied to benefit non-Broadbent operators. Many specialist services, including high precision balancing - using a Schenk 8 tonne balancing machine - are also available as part of the Company's total capability in centrifuge support.

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