Manual and hydraulic work holding options

Paul Boughton

Kurt’s small machine table workholding options range in size from a 5.00-in length up to a 15.500-in length vise. Models are available in single station, double station, and self-centreing styles to accomplish an suitable holding solution for a wide variety of part configurations and density. Manual and hydraulic options are available to suit the requirements from short to high volume production.

Clamping force for this Kurt workholding line ranges from 1,800lbs of force up to 12,600lbs and is dependent on the model selected and whether manual or hydraulic actuation is utilised.

Many additional features encompass the line including Machinable Jaws, Hard Jaws, and features such as the AngLock and Pull-type features - all which reduce jaw lift and create the most rigid and immobile work piece solution.