Machine condition monitor uses Wireless Hart

Paul Boughton

Emerson Process Management is unveiling the CSI 9420 Machinery Health Transmitter. This wireless vibration transmitter monitors mechanical equipment and delivers predictive diagnostics for improved plant reliability and safety.

As one of Emerson's Smart Wireless range of products, the rugged industrial transmitter connects quickly, easily, and economically to any machine. Through the Plantweb digital plant architecture, the transmitter delivers vibration information using Wireless Hart digital communications for use by operations and maintenance personnel. Configuration, diagnostics, and alerts from the wireless vibration transmitter are available in the AMS Suite of predictive maintenance software. Vibration data is also available in data historians or any control system for trending and analysis with other process parameters. In addition to measuring overall vibration, the CSI 9420 Machinery Health Transmitter includes Peakvue technology for advanced bearing diagnostics.

Users say they can cost-effectively apply this device on a wide range of equipment such as pumps, motors, fans, compressors and pulverisers. Benefits from deploying the wireless vibration transmitter go beyond equipment reliability to include health, safety and environmental issues.

Craig Llewellyn, president of the asset optimisation division of Emerson, comments: "Adding the wireless vibration transmitter to Emerson's portfolio of Smart Wireless devices gives plant personnel another powerful predictive tool to increase safety, reliability and uptime of machinery in process plants. In extensive plant trials, users are applying this capability on a wide variety of equipment and discovering innovative new applications."

Emerson's Smart Wireless solutions extend the Plantweb architecture to deliver new information access and mobility for improved decision-making and plant performance. The Smart Wireless field products integrate smart monitoring instruments wirelessly in a self-organising mesh network that delivers greater than 99.9 per cent reliability by automatically adapting as devices are added or removed, or as obstructions encountered. Smart Wireless products are fully compliant with the Wireless Hart standard.

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