LVDTs suit applications requiring high-frequency response

Paul Boughton

Linear variable displacement transformers (LVDTs) from RDP Electronics are said to be well suited for measurement applications requiring a high-frequency response. This ability to respond very quickly to rapidly changing mechanical movements is required for various applications - such as gun recoil tests, rapid component manufacture and suspension measurement.
The ability to achieve a high-frequency response combined with a long mechanical cycle life cannot be provided by other types of displacement sensors, according to RDP; those operating on digital principles may not be able to meet the response rate, while potentiometer types have a limited life. LVDTs, especially unguided types, are said to have an effectively infinite life, as well as the ability to respond to mechanical oscillations at up to 1 kHz. In order to provide digital sampling of an LVDT that is performing at its highest frequency, digital sampling rates of 100,000 per second would be considered appropriate.
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