Lubricant grease protects against friction, heat, water damage and pressure

Paul Boughton

The performance of any modern plant or machinery is dependent on the reliability of moving parts such as gears and bearings. Lack of effective lubrication can bring an entire system grinding to a halt, costing time and money in lost production and damaged equipment. That’s why the water, energy and maintenance solutions provider NCH Europe has developed the best calcium sulfonate-based lubricating grease in the industry, K Nate.

The blend of additives and tackifiers in K Nate grease makes the lubricant demonstrably more effective than leading greases in use across industrial sectors such as mining, construction, paper and pulp, steel mills and automotive manufacture, marine and even agriculture. It is specifically designed to protect bearings and axles from the adverse effects of friction, heat, water damage and pressure.

K Nate is denser and tackier than other greases as a result of adhesive polymers that allow K Nate to stick to metal surfaces and cohesive polymers that cause the grease to adhere to itself. When subjected to repeated heavy load shock most greases are squeezed out or moved, K Nate stays in place, resists excessive wear and has a weld load in excess of 800kg on a four ball machine.

In addition, K Nate has a melting point of over 290˚C. This means that it can effectively protect the components it is lubricating from the adverse effects of excessive heat while retaining its lubricating properties.

Finally, while standard lithium grease products record around 10% in water washout tests and generally emulsify when they come into contact with water, K Nate’s calcium sulfonate base is naturally water resistant. As a result, NCH Europe’s K Nate product scores 0.5% in a water washout test and continues to perform unaffected by the introduction of moisture.

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