Low voltage input converter

Paul Boughton

Stadium Power has added a new low profile, non-isolated, low voltage input converter for use on military and non-tactical vehicles to their range of Military COTS power products.

The low voltage input capability prevents the converter from turning off when the vehicle’s engine is cranking, ensuring continuous operation of electronic equipment connected to its output.

Measuring just 19 x 45 x 83mm the KCOBRA150 converter operates from 6 to 32VDC input range, provides a DC output over the range 0.8 to 28VDC at 150W and has an operating temperature range of -46 to 90°C.

The new King Cobra Range has been designed to meet safety approvals EN60950-1, EMC MIL-STD 461 E-F and is supplied with a three year warranty. Able to withstand challenging environments, the convection cooled units will operate up to 51,000ft altitude and 1,500ft below sea level in humid conditions in the range 5 to 95% RH non-condensing.