Low-profile encased industrial computer platform

Jon Lawson

WINSYSTEMS announces its latest enclosed single board computer for extreme operating temperatures and environments. The SYS-427 is a complete system in a rugged aluminum enclosure that measures a mere 6.5 inches by 4.5 inches and only 1.38 inches in height (165 mm x 115 mm x 35 mm). Yet within those chassis confines are WINSYSTEMS’ SBC35-427 single board computer, dual Gigabit Ethernet controllers, two USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports and dual DisplayPort outputs. Mini-Card and M.2 connectors provide additional expansion options.

“With ample performance for Windows 10 IoT and Linux operating systems, our SYS-427 embedded computing platform readily supports 15-year product life cycle solutions for digital signage, industrial IoT, energy management and transportation applications,” said Technical Sales Director George T. Hilliard. “And, despite its low-profile form factor, designers can count on it to operate reliably at temperatures of -40C to +85C. The SYS-427 is designed and tested to operate without throttling performance or needing an external heatsink or fans.”

The rugged new SYS-427 SBC easily withstands the shock and vibration demands of industrial environments while also accommodating DC power inputs ranging from 10 to 50 volts DC. Further, the Trusted Platform Modules (TPM) 2.0 device is soldered onboard to authenticate root of trust and enable security. This innovation truly solves the thermal demands and ruggedized packaging needed for customers’ products to deliver long life and superb reliability whether in the field or industrial settings.